Top 10 Learning and Educational Apps for iPad

17 Jul 2012 | Children | By Lovejeet Alex

Thanks to the dynamic screen and interactive apps, iPad can prove to be a great educational and developmental tool. With so many amazing tutoring apps available, the jazzy gadget can easily break the perception of being merely a status symbol and prove its true worth. HALABOL lists top 10 iPad educational apps that will keep you and your young ones sharp and leading.

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Kandoobi Animals is a top rated play and learning activity app for toddlers. They learn to recognize Colors, Spelling and get to do activities like ‘Match the two’ and ‘Scratch & Fill games’.

The app features more than 100 charming and colorful animals, bugs and reptile characters. Kids will love its animation. For kids below five years of age, it’s a must have.

Price: $2.99 / Size: 18.0 MB / Language: English / Seller: Kandoobi




loopy! is one iPad app that can immensely help your kids take lead in school. loopy! comes packed with an innovative set of tools that’ll help build a strong foundation for your kids’ quantitative skills.

loopy! lets kids enjoy learning math while honing their number skills. Basic calculations come easy with loopy!’s interactive gaming and attractive illustrations.

Price: $0.99 / Size: 7.1 MB / Language: English / Seller: Andres Rodriguez!/id532069219?mt=8





Hindi Consonant app is an educational game for kids and anybody willing to familiarize, practice and test his knowledge of Hindi alphabets. It’s an excellent tool for grownups to brush-up their varnmala gyan.

This simple and fun to use iPad app uses animated alphabets with voice-over to teach the sound and pronunciation of letters. The puzzles and quizzes bundled with the app allow you to practice Hindi alphabet writing and test the consonants’ order knowledge.

Price: $1.99 / Size: 22.2 MB / Language: English / Seller: Apptility Software Pvt Ltd

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Learn Hindi Baby Flash Cards is an exciting Hindi language learning app not only for preschool kids but adults too.

The app features over 450 high quality images with text and voiceovers to teach basic Hindi words, their pronunciation, meaning and sentence making.

The interactive visual quiz wherein the player is supposed to click the right image associated with a Hindi word and sound effects playing along make the language learning a fun activity.

Price: Free / Size: 19.1 MB / Language: English / Seller: eFlashApps, LLC




iWriteWords is an app that will for sure helps your kids improve their handwriting. The hand writing correction tutor assists kids in the form of a fun and entertaining game.

The brightly colored game app lets the user trace fingers on an interesting graphic representing the word to be written.

It’s a worth recommending app for children learning to write.

Price: $2.99 / Size: 81.1 MB / Languages: English, French, Italian / Seller: PT. Global Dinamika Informatika





Grammar Express: Tenses is an app that helps the user master English grammatical tenses. Consisting over 100 pages of grammar lessons, more than 1000 examples and over 1000 test questions, the app explains each grammar tense quite extensively.

Grammar Express can help you to improve your understanding of tenses and make use of the correct form of verb. PROGRESS METER is an interesting utility of the app. It keeps record of your progress and shows the report in the form of a beautiful bar chart highlighting the areas of concern that require attention.

Price: $4.99 / Size: 16.0 MB / Language: English / Seller: Eknath Kadam




The Virtual Frog Dissection Educational App is an ethical and educative alternative to live animal dissections. It lets students learn all about frogs and their biological functions, without the messy lab work or controversial questions.

Winner of PETA’s Mark Twain Ethical Science Award and many more, Frog Dissection, is a greener alternative for teaching dissection in the classroom. Vivid 3D images of the app make the experience far better than the real dissection.

This iPad app is best suitable for middle-school students who are learning about organs and organ systems as part of their life science curriculum.


Price: $3.99 / Size: 282 MB / Language: English / Seller: EMANTRAS




For those who are wary of Algebra, Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant app is a must have. It helps you learn how to solve your algebra homework problems swiftly.

Instead of confusing and leaving the student (as it happens most of the time with algebra), Wolfram app solves specific problems step by step and makes you understand the process.

Price: $1.99 / Size: 8.9 MB / Languages: English, Spanish / Seller: Wolfram Alpha LLC




Barefoot World Atlas is an interactive 3D app that lets you explore the regions and countries of the world, discovering hundreds of fascinating features and immersing themselves in the rich wonders of our planet.

Rich and beautifully detailed graphics make the journey all the more attractive. With this app, you encounter amazing wildlife, discover landmarks, natural features and famous buildings.

Price: $7.99 / Size: 1.56 GB / Language: English / Developer: Touch Press LLP



Indian Mythology Quiz is an app aimed at improving your knowledge on mythologies and legends of India. The quiz has ample questions from Mahabharata, Ramayana and some other mythological stories of interest, too. It’s a must have for the iPad generation, which is drifting away from its culture and history.

Price: Free / Category: Education / Size: 1.1 MB / Language: English

Developer: Suresh Devalapalli


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