Antardhavni - Stop.Think.Sing.

11 Oct 2012 | Youth Affairs | By Purva Grover

Antardhvani, a fusion band, pens down lyrics that stirs the soul. The members of this New Delhi based band feel that music has the power to serve as a wake up to call to change.

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Antardhvani creates music for the expressionist.

Antardhvani is an expression of the soul and inner feelings of its members - Ravee, Mukesh, Sumeet and Nishant. Antardhvani is a Hindi rock/ Fusion band based out of the capital. Various professionals like Mark, Gilly, Shruti, Ankit and Vishal have been associated with band and performs with them.

“Our music is for anyone who can think and read between the lines of our lyrics,” say the members. They encourage you to ponder and question.

“If we were to talk about religious conflict in a song in these words – Jo tha rakshak ban gaya bhakshak (the man who was supposed to protect us, was an architect of the riot) - then we don’t really need to name the individual. We can simply let your mind decide who he was - and such is the power of music.”

Antardhvani was born out of the philosophy that ordinary men who are willing to make extra ordinary efforts can achieve the unthinkable.

“Our music is a translation of real life experiences in lovable melodies. We believe that music should be such that it makes one think about one’s life and objective,” says Sumeet.

So no wonder they want you to not just hum along but also wake up. One of their numbers go as Woh bhi ho sakta thaa mere jaisa, jo khada hai bhooka pyasaa (He could have been like one of us, had he been give the same opportunities). Ravee adds, “Our songs can bring the change and make the youth connect with their inner self.” 

The members define their understanding of change as ‘reworking of the thinking, perception and approach towards everything to meet the changing social dynamics.’ And for this change, they feel all they need to do is to combine music with education and humanity.

An exposure to the world around, is of course, another big motivator. Ravee recalls how in 2002, he was left perplexed by the communal riots around him. and in 2005, he finally penned it into lyrics, Boley Allah , Boley Raam, kiye tune kaise kaam, lekar mere naam, kiya tune mujhe badnaam (People have used god's and religion's name to satisfy their own needs).

So who drives this change?

“Unimaginable equations and situations in life bring change. An individual like Mahatma Gandhi would have never thought that he would get the support of millions of Indians who would take the path of non-violence with him and beat the mighty Britishers. Bhagat Singh, Sarder Patel, Nehru ji and many more leaders were all like us. One day, any one of us could be in that league. All we need to do is have faith in the path of truth and democracy,” says Mukesh.


We ask them to choose individuals from the current day to bring such a change. What if you had the choice to pick three people in an inspirational video?

“The good men would be Nelson Mandela, Lata Mangeskar, Sachin Tendulkar and AR Rehman. As for the baddies, there are quite a few politicians!” they laugh.

And what if music was to be illegal?  How would they spread awareness then?

“We’d resort to undercover magazines and newspapers, jokes on our current political system, cartoons to depict the disturbing scenarios and raise our voice through social media like Facebook and more,” they reply in context of present scenarios.


Yes, one can indeed always find the means to reflect the freedom of expression.

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You are a good citizen because…

We perform our duties and fight for our rights.

You are a good human being because…

We give respect to everyone, be it the rich, poor, weak or strong… We believe each individual has the same rights, be it a family member, work partner or any other outsider. We believe that a true character of person can be measured by judging his behaviour to a person weaker than him.

Education and enlightenment...

One brings the other. We need to strengthen the education to ensure that every lesson in education leads to enlightenment.

Halabol means…

A symbol of raising the voice.

A word that can unite all those who want to bring a change to the country.

You do your bit for the society...

  • We don’t contribute towards noise pollution. Say no to honking!
  • We prefer to use the public transport i.e. Metro.
  • We don’t indulge in fights over say a scratch in car. We are against any kind of road rage.

If you are a true Antardhvani fan then make these three habits a part of your everyday routine now!

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